Spring Work Party

Work Party Day

The Work Party Day scheduled for April 21 is ON.

There is a lot to do opening the garden for the season – including laying the hoses.  As of today, rain is scheduled for Saturday, so please come prepared.

Gardeners are reminded that just writing down  ‘Work Party ‘in the  Description of Task section of the Volunteer Record is not sufficient. Please write down what you did.

If you can’t resist the temptation to work on your own plot, please remember to log out of the work party and log into ‘Own Plot’

Come out, get reacquainted with everyone, enjoy Karin’s snacks, and celebrate the start of a new gardening season.

April 21 Work Party


2018 Annual General Meeting

The AGM for the Cedar Grove Organic Garden will take place on Sunday February 25th in the Guildford Rec Centre from 12:30pm to 2:30pm.

All members in good standing are eligible to stand for garden committee positions.  Please consider taking a position. Board member job descriptions are listed on the website http://www.cedargrovegarden.wordpress.com Please take a look to help you understand what is needed. Send an email to cedargrovegarden@gmail.com if you would like more details or to submit your name or someone else’s name by February 20th. If you are nominating someone other than yourself, please make sure you ask their permission.

Your membership can be renewed at the AGM or by mail.


Spring Garden Work Party

Hello fellow gardeners
Spring is here and it is time for the Spring Garden Work Party. Mark Saturday, April 22 10 a.m to 2 p.m. down on your social calendar. (Rain or Shine). Mary will be bringing refreshments.
There is a lot to do on the first official work party – laying out and inspecting the hoses, clearing available garden plots, cleaning the flower beds of leaves etc., so here is your first chance to rack up your volunteer hours. Don’t forget that all gardeners are expected to attend the Spring Clean Up.
Weather permitting ( sunny and warm) there may be a painting project – picnic tables-, so if you think this might be for you, please wear clothing you won’t mind getting paint stained. We will be using latex paint.
There is also, for the brave, a planned assault on the blackberry bushes. Any gardeners who wish to tackle this project are asked to come prepared with heavy gloves (leather), eye protection and their own hand pruners/clippers or shears if they have them, as we only have a limited supply available at the garden. For safety reasons, unprotected volunteers will not be put to work on this task.
Please check in with Bunny, the Garden Coordinator, or another member of the garden committee before tackling any tasks, and don’t forget to log your time and activities into the book in the shed.
Remember, time spent working in your own plot on a Work Party Day cannot be counted as volunteer hours
Also, a reminder for returning gardeners: Now that the growing season is upon us, please relocate any non-compliant items in your plot, if you haven’t already done so.(per Item 14 of the Individual User Agreement you signed):
To allow for adequate sunny space, all plants, structural, and decorative materials in the first four feet from the edge of an adjacent neighboring plot must not exceed four feet in height. After the first four feet, plants and freestanding structures must not exceed six feet in height at the center of the plot. All freestanding structures must be four feet away from neighboring plots.
This will be enforced .


New Committee Members for 2017

The Annual General Meeting held on Sunday, February 26, 2017 at the Guildford Recreation Centre went well. New committee members were elected and below is a list of these new members.

Committee Member for 2017

President – Phil Galbraith

Treasurer – Dawn Climie

Secretary – Janice Bain

Garden Coordinator – Hayley (Bunny) Cocar

Publications Coordinator – Sera Rabbett

Social Coordinator – Mary Sills

AGM Sunday, February 26, 2017

Dear Garden Member,

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday, February 26, 2017 at the Guildford Recreation Centre’s Craft Room 2, 15105 105 Ave, Surrey. Doors open at 1:30, meeting starts at 1:45 pm.

All members in good standing are eligible to stand for garden committee positions. Some committee members from 2016 are unable to return for the 2017 season. Please consider taking a position. Board member job descriptions are listed on our website http://www.cedargrovegarden.wordpress.com Please take a look to help you understand what is needed. Call Phil at 604-583-8002 or send an email to cedargrovegarden@gmail.com if you would like more details or to submit your name or someone else’s name by February 20th. If you are nominating someone other than yourself, make sure you ask their permission.

Membership Applications

Please find enclosed this year’s user agreement form. A signed copy of the user agreement form will be required to renew your membership. To review the full user agreement document, please visit our website.

  • Your membership can be renewed at the AGM or by mail to NSOCGG address above.
  • The plot rental fee for 2017 is $35.
  • The deadline for securing your plot and making payment is March 31, 2017. After that date, we will allocate remaining plots to people on the waiting list.

See you on February 26th at the Annual General Meeting!

North Surrey Organic Community Gardens Group managing the Cedar Grove Organic Garden

Garden to Table – Summer Inspired!

Salads, salads and more salads! This is what immediately comes to mind when thinking of summer eating – it’s all about light, crisp and fresh.

Quick and simple is this refreshing looking Minty, Cucumber, Watermelon Salad

Looking for something unique and creative? Who doesn’t love ICE CREAM and what better places to get inspiration than from your garden. Strawberry, Lavender Ice Cream or Tarragon Ice. What about flower power mini cupcakes, Marigold Sipper or Minted Strawberries and White Wine.  These are only a few of the recipes listed by Better Homes and Gardens.

Eat are a few other suggestions from Eat Boutique including Honey Lemon Balm Spritzer and Tomato Basil Jam.

A great suggestion to deal with the zucchini sitting on your counter is to make it into pasta noodles.  You can do this with a vegetable grater or you can buy a vegetable spiraler at a local kitchen shop.  I often mix these with one of my garden inspired pestos, some tomatoes, and some capers or green pickled coriander seeds.  I just came across this recipe from Jenny Shea Rawn that I’m going to try out later this week!

Let’s not forget about everyone’s favourite either the sweet tomato.  From Oven Roasted Summer Tomatoes to something more simple like warming some cherry tomatoes up until they are soft enough to crush and then mixing with olive oil and fresh basil to be enjoyed with bread or crackers and a bit of goat cheese.

Essentially have fun and get creative with your garden ingredients you never know when you will discover your next family favourite this way.

Yes, It’s Time to think about your fall Garden!

Right now you have pile of tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini sitting on your kitchen counter that you are spending time every weekend preserving but I’m going to talk about something else to add to your list of garden chores in the midst of this busy harvesting month: The Fall Garden.  This is even more important this year with the warm weather we have been experiencing in Surrey.

This is where succession sowing is so important and time to start putting those cool season crops into the ground if you are growing from seed.  From peas and lettuce to kale, brussels sprouts and arugula there are endless possibilities.  Don’t forget overwintering varieties and what types of garlic you would like for next summer to order soon for September or October arrival at your door.

Here is a great resource from West Coast Seeds which includes there 2014 fall and winter planting guide (the 2015 guide should be out soon).

In order to determine what to plant when you need to know roughly when the first frost date in your area is and work backwards from there with crops suggested days to maturity.  Modern Farmer has some other helpful tips about sowing your fall garden including suggestions of starting the seeds indoors or in a shady area of the garden until the ‘true leaves’ appear.

Trying to decide what pea varieties to grow in for the fall – think varieties that you can preserve for the winter according to A Way to Garden.  As well consider growing crops that may not have time to mature in a fall garden to use as shoots or micro greens instead of for the mature plant.

Let’s Compost!

During yesterday’s monthly work party at Cedar Grove Garden I was assigned the tasks of cleaning out the compost boxes.  This sounds way worse than it actually was and I learned a lot in the process.

Why Compost: improve soil structure, increase nutrient content, use less water, ward off plant diseases. Learn More

What to compost: Vegetable scraps (excluding tomatoes & rhubarb), tea leaves, coffee grounds. Be sure if you are using scraps from home that the vegatables or fruits are pesticide free.

What not to compost: anything too woody (it will take too long to breakdown), metal, glass, meat products, dairy, anything invassive like horsetail, morning glory and other weeds, tomatoes (there is a lot of debate about tomatoes some say no to prevent spread of diseases and to prevent tomatoe plants coming up everywhere) rhubarb, diseased plants.  

How to Compost: Here are a couple of resources to start composting in your garden. The basics are however to have a good mix of nitrogen and carbon, keep it moist but not soggy and turn it over.

Grow Compost

How to Grow Compost

Composting at Cedar Grove Organic Garden: The garden has four compost boxes for communal use by all the gardeners. Since this is used by all of us its our responsibility to ensure that it is kept free of weeds, invasive species and other composting no go’s. The two wooden boxes on the east side are good compost soil and ready to be added to your plot as needed – but dont add any new clippings to the pile! The two smaller boxes on the west side are still in the process of being broken down so if you are walking by and notice someone has dropped some weeds in be sure to remove them right away! There is a large weed pile at the back of the garden in the southwest corner near the woods for these undesirables. It is these two west side boxes where you should place your compostable items that have come from your garden.

Reflections on the Changing Garden

Over the years the Cedar Grove Organic Garden has continued to grow and change both in small and big ways.  Now with more and more people interested in local, independent or organic in a sort of modern variation of back to basics.  It is completly understandable to us that already have a love of gardening that our much beloved activity is once again something ‘cool’ for those in all age groups to participate in.

Here are some reflections from our board on the current status of this garden located in North Surrey.

“When I first joined the garden, there were at least 10 empty plots that had to be taken care of by volunteers.  Over the past 5 years, with an increase in interest in organic practices and more media coverage, we (the Board) have been able to keep the plots filled by having a waiting list and by having thr Parks Department refer people to use. We pestered the Parks Department to install a perimeter fence as we were the second oldest organic garden in Surrey and the only one with out one; we finally got one two years ago.

We hold orientation meetings for new gardeners so we all know what is required to be a good member.  Before most gardeners were over 40 years of age.  Now we are seeing a lot of young people joining us who have some great ideas and a lot of enthusiasm (we are a garden of diverse ethnic members).  There are several families who bring their children out to watch or help at the garden.  We have group work party days which help add a great sense of community to the garden.  Our work parties are now ‘catered’ and the gardeners get to eat snacks and share gardening tips and experiences.  We not only want to grow healthy food, but we take pride in making our community garden look pretty. 

So great to hear about such positive observations and a strong sense of community at Cedar Grove Organic Garden.

Looking to learn more about the changing urban food landscape be sure to check out The Urban Food Revolution by local author and former Vancouver City councillor, Peter Ladner.

For those of you who are garden members looking forward to seeing you this Saturday at our July work party!