Why Garden? The MANY Benefits

We all have different reasons or paths that brought us to love gardening. And in return gardening offers us an abundance of benefits that keep us coming back. There is the obvious ones like the freezer packed with enough Kale to last the winter, a plump ripe tomatoe from the vine and enjoying things only gardeners usually can like garlic scapes, chive blossum vinegar, and pickled green coriander seeds.

However, there are other less talked about benefits that have just as much impact on your well being as eating fresh local organic goodies from your garden do. As soon as I enter the garden there is a sense of peace that comes over me no matter what else is happening in my life. After a long day at work the sounds of the birds, the sight of all the lush gardens with bees, ladybugs and other critters going to and from never fails to instantly bring my stress level down.

I’ve heard about the concept of earthing but never thought too much about it until I saw this article in Alive Magazine (Canadian Wellness Magazine that I highly reccommend). Although I’m not a fan of shoes and go barefoot often and have always as a child as well so likely have received these benefits without even realizing if the studies are true. As a gardener getting up and close with the soil is a given so you have a better chance of benefiting from earthing that many others. According to Earthing Canada ‘the act of earthing refers to a physical connection between the electrical frequeincies of the human body with that of the Earth’s – think barefoot in grass or at a beach. I’m not expert so cant say if the benefits are as good as some research suggests but I like the concept regardless.

This article covers 6 unexpected benefits of gardening . Love the idea in one of the comments a reader left that their home office waiting room is in the garden!

1. Stress Release & Self Esteem
2. Hearth Health & Stroke Risk
3. Hand Strength & Dexterity
4. Brain Health & Alzheimer’s Risk
5. Immune Regulation
6. Depression and Mental Health

Two additionzl benefits are the educational espect and the most important its just a lot of FUN!! I could talk about plants, soil, and bugs for a duration that would have never happened had I not been introduced to gardening.


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