Spring has arrived Let’s Garden!

I’m sure like me most gardeners are jumping at the chance to get into the garden and get their hands in the dirt. As we live on the west coast we don’t have to worry anymore about the last frost date but still have to contend with the spring rains and a bit of mud. If you haven’t done so already (I know I started doing this when I received my first seed catalogue of the year back in January) this is a great time to give some thought into what seeds you are going to plant, where your going to place them, and what prep work needs to be done for a successful gardening season.

This is now my third year doing seed starting after many lessons such as how critical the right level of light is which I learned my first year when all my seedlings were too ‘leggy’ and most didn’t survive. Since then I have used a number of different resources to learn something new each year in addition to just simple trial and error. One such resource is a blog by Gayle Trail of you Grow Girl who was the author of one of my first gardening books I bought and she is Canadian. I have yet to find a great garden blogger on the west coast so if anyone has any recommendations please let me know. Gayle offers some great tips on economical ways to start Seed Starting which is a great way to increase to longevity of the growing season as you can get a great jump-start on what mother nature would normally allow. Learn More…

Companion Planting is another great tool in the organic gardener’s kit that allows you to plant certain crops close together to assist with pest control, pollination and the attraction of beneficial insects to your garden. A great resource for this is provided by West Coast Seeds. Where you can learn the best place to plant a patch of basil or is it okay to place my beets near my pole beans. Learn More..

Beneficial Insects are always included in my plans for the garden every year which is why I always plant a little wildflower garden within my plot along with crops like Basil, Chives, Chamomile, Sage, and Thyme which also have the double benefit of being delicious and fresh for meals from my kitchen. If rumours are true 10 different types of bees have been spotted in Cedar Grove garden last year I have also already seen several lady bugs in my plot this year. If every garden member planted a little something on their plot for these beneficials we can hopefully see these numbers go up and this will benefit everyone at Cedar Grove Garden. Mother Earth News put out an article on this very subject. Learn More…

Cool Season Crops don’t forget on the coast there are already a lot of cool season crops that you can get into the ground such as peas, lettuce, arugula, spring onions, corn salad, kale, radishes, and spinach.


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