Off the Beaten Path in our Community

A large part of what makes up any community are the people who live within the area and what better way to bring them together than through special events, classes and workshops. This is a great way to have some fun, meet others with similar interests and make an impact on how your community is shaped. Many of these events are well-known and others are what are referred to in travel guide lingo as being off the beaten path. I recently learned about a few events that would fall directly into this category that occur south of the Fraser.

Many community garden’s are grass-roots organizations that often start off with guerilla gardening taking over a nearby vacant lot either with or without the owner’s permission or even just a tiny strip on the sidewalk in front of your home. This provides a spot of beauty in what otherwise would be a dull or trash ridden location and brings a smile to those who pass it daily in the hopes this will encourage them or even businesses in the area to plant a few flowers. Resulting in a more warm and welcoming community showing that the people who live there are engaged, interested and proud of their neighbourhood. On Sunday, March 29th come and make ‘seed bombs’ from recycled paper at this family friendly neighbourhood beautification initiative. Newton Community Hall between 3:30pm and 5:30pm. Learn More…


Although I am still what would be considered a new gardener only enjoying this rewarding pastime with the last couple of years I already have a collection of seeds sitting at home. I buy something to try but can’t use the whole packet for my community plot so often try to give these away if I’m not able to use them to following year. So I was excited to learn that Kwantlan Polytechnic University’s Langley campus has a Seed Library that you can pick up seeds from with the expectation that you donate some back at the end of the season. What a great way to spend the afternoon searching for a unique find for your garden and sharing some of your own with the local gardening community. Learn More…

Not as off the beaten path as those above yet I still drive by this once a week but like many rarely stop to venture inside. Green Timbers Urban Forest offers everything from a fishing lake, to nature trails and Surrey Nature Centre. Free Birding walks are hosted by the Surrey Nature Centre within Green Timbers with the next one occurring on Saturday, March 21stLearn More..


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